Pendleton County Health Department Administration

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pendleton County Health Department is to promote and provide for the overall health of the people of Pendleton County. This is accomplished through clinics, educational material, enforcement, disease control, planning, immunization, technical assistance, inspections, etc. The success or failure of our mission is determined through various means of need assessment and evaluation. These means are program reviews, annual reports, client involvement, program plans, and other agency involvement. Through a coordinated effort from all members of the health department, environmental and nursing and administration, efficient and effective service can be offered to the citizens.

The Pendleton County Health Department is the lead county agency for implementing the public health response to disasters occurring within Pendleton County. Within the WV Bureau for Public health, the Center for Threat Preparedness assists local Health departments with advanced planning and preparation for health disasters.

At all times the Pendleton County Health Department will operate under and within guidelines set forth by the Board of Health and the State Health Department's Bureau for Public Health.

The Pendleton County Health Department is supported by federal, state, and county funding through various contracts and grants. Health services are provided to persons regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, or handicap.

Contact Information

Pendleton County Health Department:

Notice of
Privacy Practices

The Pendleton County Health Department adheres to the use and disclosure standards established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). The Notice of Privacy Practices describes how your protected health information may be used or disclosed as provided by law.

PO Box 520

273 Mill Road

Franklin WV 26807

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Telephone: 304-358-7565

Fax: 304-358-2471

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Carmen R. Rexrode, M.D., Pendleton County Health Officer

Amber L. Hedrick, Administrator

Darlene Miller, Office Assistant

Jenny Harper, Office Assistant

Clinical Services:

Melissa Hartman, R.N., Public Health Nurse

Environmental Health:

Brooke L. Hott, R.S., Registered Sanitatian


Kimberly S. Kline, MLS(ASCP) Regional Epidemiologist

Pendleton County Board of Health Members:

Emilie W. Hott, Chairperson

David Basagic, Board Member

Robert "Bob" Grimm, Board Member

Miriam Hedrick, Board Member

Stephen Mallow DDS, Board Member

The Pendleton County Commission appoints the members of the Board of Health as their terms expire. Members appointed for a five-year term may be re-appointed consecutively.

For 2019 the Pendleton County Board of Health meets at 4:30pm at the Health Department building on the following dates: